Lex Lata B.V.
Mauritskade 45-B, NL – 2514 HG The Hague, The Netherlands
[Lex Lata B.V. is a company established pursuant to the laws of Netherlands and is registered
with the Business Register of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, CCI No 51056135,
RSIN 823070578],
VAT No. NL-8230.70.578.B.01

All orders will be processed through the Czech branch of Lex Lata B.V.
Jihovýchodní III 731/13, CZ – 141 00 Praha (Prague) 4, Czech Republic
Tax ID No: CZ684635342


CYArb® – Czech (& Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration®
CYIL – Czech Yearbook of International Law®


    General Sales Conditions

    • This offer is valid for orders receipted on or after July 20th, 2023. The prices may be subject to change.
    • Prices are subject to delivery and handling costs. Standard delivery by post adds EUR =32,00 (for one to three copies of books) and EUR =62,00 (for four to six copies), courier delivery adds EUR =83,00 (for one to three copies of books) and EUR =106,00 (for four to six copies). For orders of 7 copies of publications or more, shipping and handling are free of charge (except customs duty and clearance in the country of destination). Taxes and governmental fees may apply depending on the country of delivery. Deliveries out of Europe and to CIS countries will be executed via courier only, unless explicitly requested and at the customer´s own risk.
    • Customers alone are entirely responsible for customs clearance and similar procedures, in addition to the payment of all governmental taxes and fees in the country of delivery (country and place of the delivery address).
    • All customers will be provided with a pro-forma invoice. Delivery will be executed after receipt of payment in full.
    • All orders are subject to Czech law which is the applicable law. The Municipal Court of Prague (Městský soud v Praze) has jurisdiction over all disputes arising and resulting from the delivery of all books from this order and from delivery made pursuant to this order and offer contained in this order.
    • Delivery may be arranged and the sender may also be another entity than Lex Lata B.V., respectively the Lex Lata B.V. Czech branch.
    • The sales through the Lex Lata B.V. Czech branch are not subject of VAT.

    Standard Discount Policy

    • Discounts based on Quantity: Each book exceeding five (5) books (i.e. the sixth book and more) will accumulate a discount of five per cent (5-%) off the total net price (i.e. if ordering 6 books – a 5-% discount applies, if ordering 7 books – a 10-% discount applies). The maximum discount that can be granted is 50-% off the total net price.
    • Orders received from full-time academics will be discounted by thirty-five per cent (35-%) off the total net price. Full-time academics will be understood to be full-time professors and lecturers and full-time students, incl. full-time PhD students and other full-time postgraduates and members of scientific institutions. Students applying for the discount may be requested to provide a valid student I.D. (or its specification) or similar document.
    • Orders received from libraries (except libraries of commercial entities) and non-profit organizations will be discounted by twenty five per cent (25-%) off the total net price. A copy of a certificate of non-profit status may be requested.
    • Orders received from governmental bodies, courts, international organizations and permanent arbitral institutions will be discounted by fifteen per cent (15-%) off  the total net price.
    • All orders from the same customer received within thirty (30) days will be handled for the purposes of discount as one order.
    • Discounts cannot be added together (no cumulation of discounts). If a customer qualifies for more than one type of discount, the most favoured discount will apply.
    • Special conditions for merchants may be negotiated individually with Lex Lata B.V. or its Branch.
    • Special discount conditions if ordering ISBN: 978-90-829824-3-5 (Regulation (EU) 2015/848… available on www.insolvency.lexlata.pro)